What are the Benefits of IBMS Certification or IBMS Affiliation?


IBMS Certification/Affiliation Benefits include:


  • Referrals to International Patients¬†
  • A Searchable Listing in the IBMS Professional Online Web Registry
  • A Link to your Web Site from our IBMS Searchable Database
  • Your IBMS Website Listing Includes the IBMS Certification or Affiliation Mark
  • Direct Promotion of your Medical practice, Health Center or Health Travel Business in the IBMS Newsletter and IBMS Social Media;
  • Free use of the IBMS Certification Mark or Affiliation Mark on your Website, brochures, business cards, signs and promotional materials.
  • Unlimited Access to the IBMS Professional Network of Certified International Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Hospitals and Clinics
  • An IBMS Certificate for recognized Physician/Surgeon/Dentist Standard of Excellence (Health Affiliates and Health Travel Companies receive an equivalent Certificate)
  • IBMS Certification/Affiliation Plaques for public display
  • IBMS Health Travel Affiliates available to coordinate patient arrangements.
  • Coordination of pre and post medical evaluation/treatment of patients w/IBMS certified members.
  • Invitations to IBMS Conferences; Presentation and Keynote Speaker opportunities
  • Opportunity to Develop IBMS Courses for International Physicians

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